About Me

This site is has been moved to and updated at http://kamboti.unpatti.ac.id

In the beginning,  I learned to construct simple HTML page which then become one of my hobby in computing. Later, my learning moves forward from time to time, and currently, I’m interested in combining HTML with PHP scripts. In addition, I’ve learned how to build a home brew server which then gives me the idea about integrating HTML (Apache2), PHP5 and MySQL5 to produce an interactive web which I called My Virtual World. In the recent days, I’ve gained a good portion of knowledge on how to build a database, which for example can hold information about books, and also provides tools for user to do some sort of simple search within the book database.
My learning is still in progress, and from time to time, whenever it is possible, I’ll publish results of my learning progress in this web.

Welcome to My Virtual World.

Jonny Latuny.



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